Online marketing is a megaphone. It's a virtual billboard along the information superhighway. It helps you grow your influence, convert leads, get clients, make sales, and change lives. But unless your business IS marketing, digital marketing is a means to an end. 

Taking the Stress Out of Marketing

Minute Marketing was created with you in mind. Whether you're running a small business or building a personal brand, chances are you're struggling to grow your business AND find time to manage your marketing effectively. Minute Marketing makes it easy to learn the skills you need to take control of your marketing efforts. And if you're ready to hand off your brand's marketing to someone else, we've got you covered.

About Shannon Fox

In 2012, I graduated from UC-San Diego with a B.A. in Literature-Writing and a minor in Film Studies. I knew I was passionate about telling stories, but I didn't know how I was going to convince anyone else that I was qualified to tell their brand's story. During the five months I applied to hundreds of jobs and went on one terrible interview after another, I started taking classes online from UCSD Extension in Web Media. I learned basic website and graphic design skills to add to my repertoire.

I finally got a job doing marketing for a boutique real estate company in San Diego. They were still quite small and had only recently committed to developing their online presence. I had free rein, some time on my hands, and a determination to make things happen.

By the time I left that role five and half years later, the company size had grown by more than 700%. During my years as head of marketing, I learned a lot about the challenges businesses of all sizes face when it comes to digital marketing. And as I uncovered my own passion for marketing, I discovered that I didn't have any desire to join an agency and take on bigger and bigger accounts. It was the "little guys" that I loved working with, the agents I saw every day who were just figuring out how to do Instagram stories or who excitedly told me they were having results with the marketing plan I'd developed for them. 

That's why I believe so strongly that anyone can learn to become a great marketer. A 22-year-old kid did it. And I saw people of all ages make great strides in the online marketing space once they had the right tools, strategy, and knowledge on board. We live in an amazing time where anyone can learn how to do anything with the help of a Youtube tutorial or blog post

But marketing is a heck of a lot tougher than it was five years ago. It's hard to stand out and make waves in an overcrowded space online. Especially if you have zero desire to be on Facebook, stare down the blinking cursor of every email you have to design with a growing knot of dread in your stomach, and have pretty much willfully ignored how out-of-date your website has gotten over the last few years.

Digital marketing is hard. But it doesn't have to be hard for YOU. Not if you have a guide to show you the ropes while you're bootstrapping your business and making things work as a one-man or one-woman show. Not if you have someone to take marketing off your plate completely.  

I created Minute Marketing to be that service for the little guys - to help business owners and entrepreneurs just like you.