My #1 Time-Saving Tip That is Too Easy Not to Try

Quick blog post this week with a quick time-saving tip for you! And this one is so easy, literally ANYONE can do it!

As I've been juggling all the needs of my business, I've been thinking about ways to save time for myself and others.

And I keep coming back to the same thought: let go of looking stupid and ask the damn question already.

The more I navigate my own business, the more I believe that there aren't any stupid questions...only stupid mistakes made from being too afraid to ask questions. 

Over the last month I've found myself often jumping straight to the chat help box on a website or picking up the phone and calling support. Because I know there's a person on the other end who has the answer I need. A person who literally is getting paid to answer my questions, sell me on the product, and keep me as a happy customer.

Sure. I could watch all ten hours of training videos. I could spend forty-five minutes reading through all the support documentation. But why should I? There's someone out there who knows exactly what I need. Just like I help my clients solve their problems, there's a person who only has a job because people like me have questions that need answering. And I'll have you know, I've not been called out yet for asking a dumb or obvious question. I've not been called an idiot. I've not been barred from using a service because my question was too stupid. I've not been berated for wasting the customer service rep's time. Instead, I've always gotten service with a smile. Or what I imagine is a smile behind that chatbox avatar. 

More often than not, the support person quickly rattles off the answer I need or links me straight to the relevant document or video that will help me. Either way, I save a ton of time just by letting go of my fear of looking dumb in front of a stranger on the internet.

And that my friends, is a win.