Adobe Hits it Out of the Park With Great Product Marketing on Facebook

Marketing Showcase: Adobe's Approach to Marketing Photoshop on Facebook

Full Disclosure: I'm a total adobe fangirl. I love all of the products they put out and wish I had enough time to master more than just the handful I know how to use. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Adobe brand (anybody?) Adobe is the company behind great creative products like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Every one of their products is extremely robust and allows you to do exceptional things on the computer. Even their business tools neatly solve many of the small business owner's every day frustrations.

So it's no surprise that their product marketing continues to hit it out of the park. For this breakdown, I looked specifically at what Adobe is doing on Facebook with the Photoshop software.


Adobe set up individual Facebook pages for each of its products. This is a unique way to approach brand marketing. Most companies (especially in the beginning) set up one page to serve as the hub of their brand. Each page's content is a bit different because the products are different, but the strategy behind them is the same: to drive sales. 

Why It's Notable:

I already explained that they've taken a somewhat unique approach by setting up different pages for each product. This strategy allows them to focus on that product exclusively and showcase content that exclusively deals with that product to encourage sales.  

On their Photoshop page, they feature tutorials on how to use the product, but also showcase artists and what they have created/done with the software. This type of content marketing serves a few different purposes:

1) It illustrates the superiority of the product through illustration of what it can do.

2) It inspires people who already own the product to create something with it (and hopefully share with their friends and tag Adobe!).

3) It helps move people who are on the fence about purchasing closer to pulling out their wallets without directly selling to them. 

How You Can Apply It In Your Own Marketing: 

The best way to sell something is to convince the consumer that they a) absolutely need it or b) it will make their life easier/solve a problem or c) it will deliver a unique or one-of-a-kind experience that they have to have. 

If you're selling a particular product and you're not already sharing tutorials of how to use it (if necessary), what you can do with it, and sharing your customer's results, you absolutely need to be doing that. You're missing a huge opportunity by leaving that out of your content marketing strategy. 

If you're not selling a product, think about how you can sell the experience of whatever it is you have to sell. How can you bring it to life and illustrate to the consumer why they absolutely have to have what you're selling and why they should accept no substitutes from your competitors? If you take a look at the Adobe Photoshop page on Facebook, it almost convinces you that you too can have the exact same results if you purchase the software! I say almost because clearly the people they have picked to showcase are very talented artists, but hey, if you can buy the same software as the pros are using, doesn't that automatically put you one step closer to creating a masterpiece?

If your business has distinct divisions or segments, consider setting up separate social media accounts for those divisions. This is especially powerful if each division sells its own product or service while being under the same company umbrella. You can get a lot of mileage out of creating content to appeal to a very specific audience, rather than trying to create content to appeal to a bunch of different types of potential customers.

To see more of what Adobe is doing to market their Photoshop product, visit their Facebook page here.

If this marketing showcase was helpful to you, leave me a comment below! Is there a great brand whose marketing you love? Let me know, I would love to check them out!