9 Social Media Content Ideas You Can Use For Your Brand

When developing your social media content marketing strategy, it helps to figure out what kinds of content you'll be posting/sharing and where it will come from. For some people that's the hardest part. If you're stuck on what to post, here are 9 social media content ideas that are broad enough to work in most any industry! 

* Owned

This is content you own, like blogs, white papers, infographics, product photos, videos, etc. This is some of the best content you can share, but also the most time-consuming to create. For a newer brand or business, I recommend aiming to mix in this more labor-intensive type of content with content that's easier for you to get and post. Eventually you'll want to be sharing mostly your own content with just a little bit from other people, but it takes time, manpower, and money to get there.

* 3rd Party

By 3rd party, I mean content like blogs, articles, photos, and videos that come from other experts in your industry (but not your competitors) or from industries with cross-over appeal to yours. For example, in real estate you could share articles about the care and keeping of the home.

* Behind-The-Scenes

I consider this type of content to be a gold mine. It always seems to perform well and is about the most interesting type of content you can create. People tend to be curious about what others get up to all day at work and how things work behind closed doors. You can also share information about the different members of your team to put a human face on your brand!

* Testimonials

Client testimonials are not only great for your business, they can be shared on social media! You worked hard for those reviews and testimonials so share away!

* Data/Graphs

At first glance, sharing data or graphs on social media doesn't seems like a natural fit. But plenty of consumers love numbers and find this type of content to be valuable. And at the end of the day, it's all about giving value to the consumer.

* Events

Even if your particular brand or business doesn't regularly put together or host many events, if you're a local business don't forget to share what's going on in your community!

* Holiday

You don't have to celebrate every holiday. But posting a holiday message for the major ones is a nice social freebie for busy entrepreneurs. And it's a good idea to keep track of the more obscure "holidays". You know the ones....National French Fry Day, National Boyfriend Day, etc. If you can find a way to apply these obscure holidays to your business, you can ride that social media wave!

* Offers & Giveaways

Most product based business will regularly run special offers and promotions for their products. But if you're in a business where you can't offer discounts or sales on your products or you don't have a products to sell, you can still run promotions! All you need is a gift card or other prize and rules for your contest. You can run them in conjunction with a holiday, to celebrate the anniversary of your business, to recognize passing special milestones, or even just because!

* Cross-Promotion Between Your Platforms

This isn't a super interesting content type, but it's still one you should do once in awhile. Cross-promote your social accounts to other platforms to help get more follows for your accounts. If, for example, you share on Facebook where people can connect with you on Instagram, you're bound to get at least a few more followers on Instagram for your efforts!

Got another idea for content you can share on social media? Leave a comment below!