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Social Media News: September 2019
Social Media Quick Tip: Repurpose Your Content

Do you ever feel like creating content takes SO much time and energy?

It could be because you're not seeing the value in what you're doing because you're not effectively putting your content to work for you.

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Social Media Quick Tip: Owning Your Niche

Putting into words what you do and who you help (specifically!) is one of the best ways to start owning your niche.⠀

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Social Media Quick Tip: Establish Brand Consistency

Do you want to start developing your own brand or just take what you’re doing to the next level?

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Social Media Quick Tip: Batching Content for Success

Sometimes the hardest part is just starting. Especially when it comes to creating long-form, high value content.

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Social Media Quick Tip: Listen to Your Audience

Never be above creating simple content. You never know who is watching.

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Social Media Quick Tip: Consistency is Key

Consistency is key 🔑.

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Social Media Quick Tip: Holiday Posts

Don’t forget to include holiday posts in your social media!

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10 Social Media Content Ideas for Small Business

When it comes to creating your own content, many people get paralyzed or stuck: they don’t know what to share, or if they know what they want to share, they don’t know how to go about getting it. Read on to see a list of 10 social media content ideas you can use in your business!

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The 3 C's of Social Media Marketing: Overview

Having a successful social media marketing strategy requires more than just posting content to social media...when you remember to do it. There are three main ingredients that need to be present in your strategy - what I call The 3 C's of Social Media Marketing.

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The One Investment You Should Make For Your Business in 2018

The new year is less than two weeks away and I'm sure many of you are busy making your 2018 business plans. You're dreaming big and writing goals that might scare you just a little bit. You're trying to get your arms around all the changes that happened in social media so you can make a plan to do better and be better in 2018. You're committed to doubling down on your strengths. You have a plan to deal with your weaknesses. And maybe, you're willing to try something new.

Whatever your plans for 2018 look like, if there's one investment you should make for your business in 2018, it's this:

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What to Post on Social Media For Business

Not sure what you should post on social media for your business or brand? Ask yourself this one crucial question first:

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9 Social Media Content Ideas You Can Use For Your Brand

When developing your social media content marketing strategy, it helps to figure out what kinds of content you'll be posting/sharing and where it will come from. For some people that's the hardest part. If you're stuck on what to post, here are 11 social media content ideas that are broad enough to work in most any industry! 

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