The One Investment You Should Make For Your Business in 2018

The new year is less than two weeks away and I'm sure many of you are busy making your 2018 business plans. You're dreaming big and writing goals that might scare you just a little bit. You're trying to get your arms around all the changes that happened in social media so you can make a plan to do better and be better in 2018. You're committed to doubling down on your strengths. You have a plan to deal with your weaknesses. And maybe, you're willing to try something new.

Whatever your plans for 2018 look like, if there's one investment you should make for your business in 2018, it's this:


You might be sick of hearing about video. I'm almost sick of talking about it. But there's no doubt that it's getting results. Facebook is betting big on video so naturally, it's favoring video content over other types of content on its platform. Video ads on Facebook and Instagram run for just pennies compared to other types of ads. Youtube made a ton of changes this year to give you more tools and more control over your channel. And all of the major social platforms continue to give you the option to upload and share video. Even LinkedIn! They added support for native video this year. 

Now, I know your objections to video go something like this:

-Ugh, really? Video?

-I hate how I look on camera.

-I hate how my voice sounds.

-I get so nervous on camera.

-Why would anyone watch a video with me in it?

-I don't know even what to make a video about.

-Who am I going to hire to do this video for me?

-Aren't videos really expensive? I can't afford to keep making new ones.

-Just, ugh. Can this fad be over?

I get it. I hear you. Videos aren't my favorite thing to consume on social media. But I can't argue with facts. And I really can't argue with results (Pennies for video views? Are you kidding me?)

All I'm asking is that as you make your business plan for 2018, you take a deep breath, and add video to your plans. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the results.