3 of the Best Marketing Podcasts to Queue Up in 2018

I still remember the day I listened to my very first podcast. I took my dog for a walk around the lake near our house and turned on an episode of the Ted Radio Hour about the Hero's Journey. And I was hooked.

I listen to podcasts in the car, while walking my dog, while I'm cleaning, cooking, you name it, I've probably listened to a podcast while doing it. My taste in podcasts spans a variety of genres, but of course, I love listening to podcasts about marketing. Here are three of my favorites:

Social Media Marketing With Michael Stelzner

I'm a longtime reader and fan of Social Media Examiner. They put out tons of great information on their website, have solutions for common social media marketing problems, case studies, and provide links to tools and apps for people to try. I'm really excited to finally be heading to Social Media Marketing World this year. Until then, I'm tiding myself over with episodes of the Social Media Examiner podcast. I enjoy listening to both their regular podcast and the Social Media Marketing Talk Show where they announce and dissect the latest social media news. The whole team at Social Media Examiner is brilliant and they have amazing guests on both shows! I think their podcasts are detailed enough to satisfy an advanced marketing person, yet the topics are explained in a way that even a beginner can benefit.  

Online Marketing Made Easy With Amy Porterfield

I really love listening to Amy because I enjoy her energy and her insight. Amy talks mostly about topics related to online courses and webinars on her Online Marketing Made Easy podcast, however, she discusses other things too if you're not doing the whole paid course thing. I really enjoy the episodes where she talks more about her business, her entrepreneurial journey, and things related to that. Each podcast is packed with gold nuggets and she gives out a freebie with almost every episode!

Duct Tape Marketing With John Jantsch

This is a newer find for me, but I've been loving the episodes I've heard on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. Some of these episodes are pretty technical and definitely aimed at an audience of marketing professionals, however, some of the topics are great how-to segments on fixing problems you might be experiencing in your own marketing. I also like that each episode is only about thirty or minutes or less - the perfect fit for my commute! 

BONUS: The Gary Vee Audio Experience by Gary Vaynerchuk

While not a marketing podcast per se, Gary Vaynerchuk's podcast is simply amazing. Straight fire. No matter what you're doing, Gary's no-BS attitude is guaranteed to fire you up. The Gary Vee Audio Experience podcast has a bunch of different things going on, including his Ask Gary Vee show, rants, recordings of keynotes, and more. I love listening to Gary whenever I need a kick in the butt to go out and crush it!

What are your favorite podcasts, marketing or otherwise? Let me know in the comments below!