TRX Scores Big With Video on Facebook

Ok first things first: for those who don't know the TRX brand, TRX is a fitness equipment company that makes and sells their own products. Their most popular item is the TRX suspension trainer which looks like this:

You've probably seen them around at your gym or fitness studio.

TRX has an active social media presence, with thousands of followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. But for today's Marketing Showcase, I decided to take a look at their video strategy on Facebook (TRX Training), which is where they have the largest audience.


Alongside their other types of content, TRX creates and shares video content of their TRX products in action. They have their own video series, TRX Moves of the Week, which shows you what to do with the product. They also share videos from fitness influencers using their product. Compared to their static image posts which get less than 1K likes each, their videos rack up thousands of views on Facebook!

Why It's Notable:

Like Adobe, TRX is at their best when they're showing customers how to use their product. While the TRX Suspension Trainer is a popular product for personal trainers and boutique studios to include in their arsenal, with their videos TRX empowers anyone to be able to use the product.

How You Can Apply it in Your Own Marketing:

Most people have a preference for one of three major learning styles: Visual (Sight), Auditory (Hearing), or Kinesthetic (Touch or Doing). For maximum effectiveness, most teachers will teach a subject by engaging all three learning styles.

This will depend a lot on your product, but for many companies and brands, how-to videos are a killer way to market and showcase your product. How-to videos allow you to attack all three learning styles inside one piece of content. Let's take a look at one of the recent TRX's Moves of the Week videos which they shared across their social media platforms:

In this video they hit all three learning styles this way:

1) They show you what they're doing with the product (Visual)

2) They explain what they're doing with the product (Auditory)

3) If you have access to the product, you can do try out the moves yourself (Kinesthetic)

Now the third one may be a little less straightforward since it assumes you already possess the product or can get access to it, but nonetheless I'll count it as a win for TRX.

How-to videos not only allow you to show off the product, they empower your current product users to get more use out of it, and also encourage those who haven't yet purchased the product, to get off the fence and make the investment.

One more point I want to make: I already mentioned that TRX has the biggest audience on Facebook and that's why I wanted to analyze their strategy just on that platform. But they also do a really good job of cross-promoting their content, which is key. You should NEVER get discouraged if one platform has lower views than another and stop promoting your content there. Here's why:

On Youtube: TRX has 1,633 views of this video

On Instagram: TRX has 19,939 views of this video

On Facebook: TRX has 28,000 views of this video

If you were TRX, it might be tempting to look at those numbers and think, wow, Youtube doesn't work for me, I should drop it from my strategy entirely. But if TRX had done that, I wouldn't have been able to easily link up the video for you to watch above. And if you happen to be reading this post and decide to buy a product from TRX*, that's one more sale they wouldn't have had otherwise.

Remember: when it comes to create a killer social media strategy, sometimes likes, views, and shares don't paint the whole picture of the utility of a piece of content or platform.

To see more of what TRX is doing to market their products, visit their Facebook page here.

If this marketing showcase was helpful to you, leave me a comment below! Is there a great brand whose marketing you love? Let me know, I would love to check them out!

*Disclosure: I'm not affiliated with the TRX brand in any way.